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Diamond, the very word evokes the feeling of luxury, legends, style and beauty.

Through the ages diamonds have been sought after and displayed in sumptuous jewelry, crown jewels, encrusted on rare books and statues. They have been bartered, traded, auctioned to the highest bidder and sometimes stolen.

Famous diamond stories are as fascinating as the celebrities, Hollywood stars, and Royalty that wear them. Their jewelry is unique and many times filled with intrigue and love stories as timeless as they themselves are.

Come with us on a journey to learn about diamonds, the famous legends surrounding them, the celebrities who wore them and more!




Famous Diamonds
Legendary diamonds and their history.

Colored Diamonds
Beautiful fancy colored diamonds.

Celebrity Diamonds
Trendy Diamonds - faces and places

Diamond Poems
Diamonds in literature poems and quotes.

Diamond Shapes and Styles
How to choose a diamond. Diamond shapes, colors and styles.

emerald cut diamond

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